In May, lazada convened 15 domestic service providers to gather in Malaysia and Thailand. The main purpose is to bring together various types of service providers and accelerate the landing of Chinese brands in various Lazada sites. Star Merchant attended this meeting as a specially invited service provider to discuss and share the Tmall brand to explore the cross-border market in Southeast Asia, how to do in-depth operations and go overseas smoothly.

Lazada, one of the largest online shopping sites in Southeast Asia. On March 19, 2018, Alibaba Group announced that it would invest an additional US$2 billion in Lazada for the company’s business expansion in Southeast Asia, and Peng Lei assumed the position of Lazada CEO. As the e-commerce platform of the Ali system, there is no doubt that Lazada is one of the most concerned darlings of cross-border e-commerce companies who yearn for the Southeast Asian market. Star Merchant Flying Whale is stepping up its globalization strategy and rapidly deploying in Southeast Asia. In 2018, the Indian branch and the Indian warehouse were established, and the Kuala Lumpur branch in Malaysia was established in 2019. Flying whale cross-border platform fully assists major Chinese brands to go overseas.

Shenzhen Starmerx E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (Starmerx) is mainly involved in cross-border e-commerce, mobile computing and Internet data mining. Its cross-border brand e-commerce one-stop service provider “Flying Whale Cross-border Platform”, as the official recommended operation service provider by amazon, has a complete operation system, standardized processes and a complete information IT platform to improve operational efficiency; A number of senior operation experts such as amazon, lazada, ebay, etc., a professional operation team of nearly 300 people, with more than 10 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce operation, covering many well-known cross-border platforms such as amazon, lazada, ebay, wish, etc., leading platform information , rich platform resources, etc. Whether it is store registration, hosting operation, overseas platform promotion, warehousing and after-sales one-stop service, etc., professional team, technology and operation experience will escort you and help your brand go overseas.
As a one-stop service expert for cross-border brand e-commerce, Flying Whale cross-border platform is deeply trusted and cooperated by major brands. “Huawei” × Star Merchant, New Channel × New “Silk” Road, Huawei finally chose to cooperate with Star Merchant after multiple screenings. After the in-depth communication between the two teams in the early stage, Xingshang cooperated with Huawei’s press conference, the overall strategy, the sales volume was rapid after the launch, and the product received a good reputation.
Through layer-by-layer bidding, NetEase Yanxuan selected the business cooperation with Xingshang in Japan. The current platform is amazon Japan, which achieved the achievement of over 1,000 orders on the first day. In the future, the Rakuten and Yahoo platforms will be launched to fully develop Japanese business.
Aucma and Xingshang have established a strategic cooperative relationship with Xingshang since 2017, helping them to carry out the amazon brand overseas business in the United States and launch several popular products. Later, we will carry out the customized business of popular models, and customize suitable products according to the platform to further create popular models. At the same time, develop the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets.

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