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123In early May, the staff of Shenzhen headquarters kicked off the summer in a gorgeous annual trip

We couldn't make it to Turkey of California but we did find Austria mimiced town on our leisure index. This Huizhou Hot Springs Village was recommended for five reasons: a mountain next to the water, green trees, fresh air spa village that is leisurely quiet, and an abundance of flowers like being in paradise. 


Two Town with Two Styles

       The first stop of the tour we came to the Austrian style town of Boluo, Huizhou. The town style is drawn on the Austrian architectural style from the town of Hallstatt in Austria (blue print for the design) and the rich Austrian architectural integrated into theunique mountain water streams.The country entrance is like being in the Austrian fairy tale.

Amazing Bosses, But One Winner

     The basketball court seems to let everyone return to their lives as a student. Despite the hot weather, competitiveness still runs rampant due to everyone's enthusiasm for the sport. The game was exciting with many fast breaks, three-point shots, two-point (in the paint) and a bright showing of ball skills. From time to time our cheerleaders ushered in bursts of cheers for the change in leads leading up to the climax of the game: the winning shot. Since the CEO and COO were both playing, the game was even more thriling to watch.

More Friends, More Partying

     The meaning of travel is not about where to go, but who you are with. Within our group of three or five friends, aside from work, we found a different kind of fun in a different place. With the natural hot springs we were able to wash away the tiredness (calm and quiet inside) and drink with our few friends while playing a few local games. Even a group of like-minded old friends prepared a little wine and snacks in a joyous mood!

Walking the old castle, lingering

     The old castle has a long history, and the strange architecture is also known as the first castle in South China. After lunch, the group went to the ancient castle town with the theme of “the mysterious castle and the beautiful rural scenery”. The thousands of acres of bamboo forests are endless green. Strolling through the bamboo forest, admiring the green of the eyes, let the breeze squint on the face, listening to the snoring of bamboo leaves. Take a long bamboo trail on foot and enjoy the fun of “Bamboo Tour and Bamboo Play”.

Yantai, Qingdao Tourism

Day 1 , Qingzhou Museum, Jingtang Ancient Village, Qingzhou Ancient City

Yantai in May has been a little bit hot, but this has not affected the good mood of Yantai’s participants. Everyone went to the designated place to gather, each person's face was filled with joy and we set out on time to our destination: Weifang Qingzhou.

We arrived at the designated hotel on time at 11:30 and took a break. After lunch, we went directly to the first attraction, Qingzhou Museum. The Qingzhou Museum was founded in October 1959. It has nearly 20,000 collections. The Ming Dynasty Wanli Temple Examination Volume and Mingqiu Yingxin’s "The Qingming Riverside Map" are all collected here. Everyone here accepts the influence of Qingzhou history and culture. Everyone spent ample time learning about the history.

After the ruins we went to the ancient village of Ming Dynasty with 500 years of history - Jingtang Ancient Village, this attraction should be unfamiliar, but its other "identity" - the filming scene of the film "Red Sorghum", here is the green hills, Stone houses are lined up. The roads of the entire village are paved with bluestone slabs, away from the city, and it is a good place to return to your soul.

The last stop on the first day was the ancient city of Qingzhou, the old house of the flying horns, the deep alley, the vicissitudes of the Qingshiban Road, as if in the faintly telling the ancient legends of Qingzhou, the hawkers in the hutongs screamed, as if In ancient times, let everyone linger on!

Day 2, Huanghuaxi Scenic Area, Tianyuan Valley Scenic Area

After a night of rest, the little friends rushed to the first spot of today's national AAAA-level scenic spot Huanghuaxi Scenic Area. It is characterized by "cliffs, canyons, waterfalls, streams". The forests are dense, the grass is green, the walls are as sharp as the cuts, and the valleys are deep. It is called "the northern Jiuzhaigou" by many tourists. Along the boardwalk to the Dashanli line, the waterfall fell from the cliff, the sound-sounding gorge, like a thunder, the mountain stream flowing, the spring clear. It is interspersed with the first slide of Qilu--Huanghuaxi forest slide. It slides from the top of Houshan Mountain to the bottom of the valley in about 6 minutes. Many colleagues have experienced the thrills and excitement of the forest in this valley, and there is also the Huanghuaxi Canyon drifting. The dinghy is leisurely past the Nanshan Mountain. The canyons on both sides of the river are towering, and the mountain winds are not too fast.


Finally, we came to the last stop of this tourism activity--Tianyuan Valley Scenic Area, where the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in the Tianyuan Valley gather together, and there is a Maitreya Buddha statue 14 meters higher than the Nanshan Buddha in Yantai. The Temple of Literature is backed by the waters of the mountains, and the temple is full of momentum. The Confucius’s master of the world is shining through the ages.

Guangzhou branch travel articles

     Although the Guangzhou squad did not succeed with the headquarters, but the Changlong one-day tour is also exciting for the little friends.


      Guangzhou Changlong can be called one of the most popular attractions in recent years. Although the weather exploded on the same day, the enthusiasm of the Guangzhou squad was not lost. Ride rides, stunt theaters, parade performances, eco-leisures, specialty dining, and themed stores make every project a memorable one.


There are screams, excitement, heartbeat, high to burst, this is a summary of the play of Guangzhou friends

This trip brought amazing happiness to all and I look forward to your next trip!

The annual travel of the company's branches has ended despite everyone's reluctance. In fact, life is not a trip but a journey, you don't have to care about your destination, you care about the scenery along the way and the mood of watching the scenery while you let the mind travel...


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